Material Bookcase
The various blacksmithing materials are the components used in making all kinds of weapons in the game.  These materials can be bought from the marketplace for coins or gems, gained as rewards from a Braver's adventure, gifted from friends, won in the Arena, received from the daily reward (requires at least 5 logins in a row), gained as rewards from the Weapon Scrapbook, or found in treasure chests on the Adventure Map.

General MaterialsEdit

The most basic materials found in Blacksmith Land. Their attribute stats are fairly low.
General Materials
Mucus icon Bones icon Lava stone icon Magic stone icon Blessing stone icon Curse stone icon Dragonscale icon Tears of angel icon Blood of devil icon Wrath stone icon
Iron icon Stone icon Mercury icon Whetstone icon Copper icon Steel icon Rune stone icon Silver icon Gold icon Crystal icon

Advanced MaterialsEdit

Rarer materials that are harder to come by.  Their attribute stats are higher than their general material counterparts.
Advanced Materials
Sticky nucleus icon Skull icon Flames stone icon Spell stone icon Holy stone icon Nightmare rune icon Dragon heart icon Tears of goddess icon Blood of satan icon Doomsday stone icon
PRO iron icon PRO stone icon PRO mercury icon PRO whetstone icon PRO copper icon PRO steel icon PRO rune stone icon PRO silver icon Platinum icon Diamond icon

Mysterious MaterialsEdit

Great stats and can't be upgraded, mysterious materials have some of the best and highest stats in the game, at least until you start upgrading your other materials, and every single one of them contains the Legendary stat.
Mysterious Materials
Har elf stone icon Sha elf stone icon Des elf stone icon Mag elf stone icon Good Elf Stone Icon Evil Elf Stone Icon Lux Elf Stone Icon Leg Elf Stone Icon Uni Elf Stone Iconxcf Myt Elf Stone Icon
Har soul stone icon Sha soul stone icon Des soul stone icon Mag soul stone icon Good soul stone icon Evil soul stone icon Lux Soul Stone Icon Leg Soul Stone Icons Uni Soul Stone Icon Myt Soul Stone Icon

Material UpgradeEdit

Enhancement Main
Material upgrading is finally here!  You will now be able to 
spend your hard earned coins in order to upgrade the base
attribute ratings of your materials.
Upgrading materials will raise the base stats by up to 3 points
(completely random how many points) and you can even toss
in some gems in order to ensure that you get the maximum
upgrade possible.
Please refer to individual material pages for upgrading
costs, stats, etc.

Bonus MoraleEdit

When a material is struck perfectly, soarjs will be released to bounce around the screen.  If they are touched by the cursor before the weapon is finished, each one will add one point to the brave's morale.