Braver Type
Type: Adventurer
Min. Level Seen
Min. Level: Level 16
Stamina Search
Stamina: 4 Stamina
Sta. Search Time: 10:00 min
Gems Search
Gems: 1 Gem
Gem Search Time: Instant



"Each weapon should have its legend. As a fencer, my mission is to create those popular stories. Can you help me forge a highly destructive weapon?"


"People say the blacksmith from the Blacksmith Kingdom is to make weapons for brave. When you reject my business like this, are you saying that I am not qualified to be a braver?"

Morale InfoEdit

All bravers begin at the general moral rank (Green face icon). Forging high quality weapons for bravers will net you moral experience. Increasing your braver's moral rank will give you bonus materials from their adventures and increases the starting level of their corresponding card.

Rank Starts at Pts. to next level.
Anxiety Rank Icon 0 501 pts
General Rank Icon 501 470 pts
Happy rank icon 971 460 pts
Excited Rank Icon 1,431 470 pts
Ecstasy rank icon 1,901 0 pts

Forging InfoEdit

Stamina Cost Material Slots
3 Stamina Material Slots Iconx3

Weapon Request
Attribute Requested Amount Needed
Hard attribute Star Full
Sha attribute Star FullStar Full

Request FulfillmentEdit

Weapon Rank Braver Comments Coin Reward Fame Reward
Rank D " " 0 Coin 0 Fame
Rank C " " - - Coin - - Fame
Rank B " " - - Coin - - Fame
Rank A " " - - Coin - - Fame
Rank S "With the weapon in hand, I am extremely hopeful. I am very excited as of today, I am creating my own legend." 900 Coin 90 Fame

Forging RecommendationsEdit

Using Copper, Mercury, and either Mercury or Iron will produce an A-grade weapon.

The Fencer is actually a money-losing proposition with this method, but Mage Knights pay more than enough to cover the costs, and they need the Blessing Stones in order to succeed.

Adventure RewardsEdit

Stage 1Edit

Stage Boss Time to Complete Rewards
Trematoda 3:00 minutes Mucus icon x1

Stage 2Edit

Stage Boss Time to Complete Rewards
Fallen Disciple 10:00 minutes Blessing stone icon x1


Adventure VictoryEdit

"Those demeaning fellows sell their soul to be with
the evil and have done many hurtful things to the
residents. They are finally defeated by me, which
starts the first chapter of my journey."

Adventure FailureEdit

" "

Exploration BonusEdit

Silent Hill +2