Braves are the heroes of Blacksmith Land.  They seek your blacksmithing expertise in order to go on adventures throughout the kingdom.

The specific type of weapon (i.e. sword, staff, glove, etc) you make for them doesn't matter so long as you fullfill the attributes (hardness, magic, good, legendary, etc) they are looking for.

Fulfilling a Brave's request will net you experience and coins. The better the weapon grade, (grades go from rank D to rank S) the higher exp. and coins you will recieve as well as give the Brave a higher chance for a successful adventure completion. The rank you receive is dependent upon how closely you fulfill the Braver's requirements. Rank S weapons always give Brave's a 100% adventure completion rate.

When a Brave has succesffully completed their adventure, you will be rewarded with additional blacksmithing materials and gain exploration mastery in the adventure map.  Some materials can only be found this way.  If a Brave fails his mission, you won't receive any additional materials, unless you have the Explorer's Persistence master reward. With this perk, it is possible to receive a few materials even if the Brave fails on the first stage.

Note - Stage times given are approximates.  The exact time a Brave takes for each stage appears to fluctuate slightly, whether this is due to the weapon rank made for the Brave, a simple visual bug, some other unkown factor or simply a quirk of the system itself is not known at this time.

Brave MoraleEdit

A Brave's morale will affect the amount of materials you receive after they finish their adventure.  The higher their rank, the more materials you will get.

With the introduction on the Card System and Royal Arena, a Brave's morale rank also affects the starting level of their corresponding card. The higher the Brave's rank, the higher their card's starting level.

You can raise a Brave's morale by making weapons for them.  How much morale you get or lose depends on two factors: the grade of the weapon made and their current morale level.

Additional morale experience can be gained when getting perfect strikes during the forging process. Different materials give off different amounts of bonus experience.

Morale comes in 5 ranks
Anxiety Rank Icon General Rank Icon Happy rank icon Excited Rank Icon Ecstasy rank icon
Bonus Materials -1 +0 +1 +2 +3
Card Level Level 1 Level 1 Level 10 Level 20 Level 40

Note* - All braves start at the General Moral Rank.

Braver Reward SumupEdit

For a quick quide for each Brave's gold, fame and flag rewards, check out this handy little quick reference tables.
Braver Reward Sumup
Braver Type summary

Brave ListEdit

Lv. 1 - 10 Bravers
Lvl1Novice Lvl2Rikishi Lvl3Swordsman Lvl4Alibaba Lvl5Musashi
Lvl6Knight Lvl7Samurai Lvl8Errant Lvl9Yang Yu-Huan Lvl10Spartacus
Lv. 11 - 20 Bravers
Lvl11Mage Lvl12Monk Lvl13Ninja Lvl14Blackbeard Lvl15Octavian
Lvl16Ranger Lvl17Fighter Lvl18Fencer Lvl19Catalina Lvl20Cleopatra
Lv. 21 - 30 Bravers
Lvl21MageKnight Lvl22Savages Lvl23Voodooist Lvl24RobinHood Lvl25OdaNobunaga
Lvl26MageErrant Lvl27EvilMonk Lvl28BloodAssassin Lvl29MarcoPolo Lvl30SaintJoan
Lv. 31 - 40 Bravers
Lvl31Bard Lvl32Gladiator Lvl33Claymore Lvl34ZhengHe Lvl35RaniofJhansi
Lvl36RoyalKnight Lvl37DarkSamurai Lvl38ElementalShaman Lvl39LuBuwei Lvl40QinShihuang
Lv. 41 - 50 Bravers
Lvl41Swordmaster Lvl42ShadowKiller Lvl43Berserker Lvl44Columbus Lvl45Himiko
Lvl46ImmortalRanger Lvl47 Paladin Lvl48MageSwordsman Lvl49Elizabeth I Lvl50Beowulf
Lv. 51 - 60 Bravers
Lvl51DevilSlayer Lvl52Arena God Lvl53Destroy Duke Lvl54Hook Lvl55Achilles
Lvl56Hawkeye Ranger Lvl57Dragon Knight Lvl58Jeraziah Lvl59Merlin Lvl60Arthur
Lv. 61 - 70 Bravers
Lvl61SupernaturalMage Lvl62SpectralNinja Lvl63Shogun Lvl64Haruakira Lvl65Caesar
Lvl66EvrsProphet Lvl67UnchartedHunter Lvl68PhoenixKnight Lvl69Bodhidharma Lvl70Alexander
Lv. 71 - 80 Bravers
Lvl71PlainWalker Lvl72DesertRanger Lvl73TartarRider Lvl74KingSolomon Lvl75GenghisKhan
Lvl76BrandedWarrior Lvl77DarkRider Lvl78PurgatorySwordsman Lvl79Imhotep Lvl80SunGoddess
Lv. 81 - 90 Bravers
Lvl81UltimateFighter Lvl82DoomCryer Necro Judge Tutankhamun Shiva
Invincible Warrior King Destroyer Necromancer Mercury Odin