Hard attributeSha attributeDes attributeMag attributeGood attributeEvil attributeLux attributeLeg attribute

The 8 attributes in the game each corresponds to a specific weapon type, except for Giant Swords and Bows as these two weapon types are a combination of multiple attributes.

Hard attribute Sha attribute Des attribute Mag attribute Good attribute
Axes icon Swords icon Hammers icon Staffs icon Gloves icon

Evil attribute Lux attribute Leg attribute All Evil Good
Claws icon Scepters icon Double-edged swords icon Giant swords Icon Bows icon


The attribute's rating ranges from half a star (5 points) to 5 full stars (50 points). The attribute with the highest rating determines the weapon type (i.e. sword, axe, staff, glove) while the second highest rating will determine the prefix attached to the weapon.  If the attributes are equal, the one that reached that level first will determine the weapon type, and the one that reached that level second will determine the prefix.